Sunday, August 3, 2008

A new beginning

And so, dear readers (if really there's anyone out there), from now on my humble blog will thread under a new name. The reason for the change? Well, I just thought I was in need of a new beginning, after almost a complete year of near inactivity.

The aim of it will still be the same: to explore the darkest fantasies of the male psyche. Or, if one does not want to sound very presumptuous, just to let ourselves be drawn by the strange and exciting allure of the feminine body and mind in danger. Sexual danger.

And what better image to convey the complex web of contradictions, dark sexual charisma, and power of the threatened female than this publicity photo of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark (Cassandra Petersen)? She's imprisoned in a dark and forbidding dungeon (doesn't blue lighting and fake smoke work wonders when one wants to build an oppresive atmosphere?), arms shackled and extended above her head (exposing her vulnerability by the way her breasts are thrust forward, threatening to spill out of her low cut gown), subject to the whims of whoever has captured her. And yet... the look on her eyes; the hauteur. Defying, demanding, indifferent to danger. That's the true power of the undiminished female hero.

We Men may want to possess her, we may force ourselves upon her... we may even rape her... but she is, and still will be a creature of power.
And we, her humble subjects.

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