Friday, May 9, 2008

I fell in love with Daisy Duke...

... when I was but a teen. And how could you not? She was sassy, smart, sexy and a she-devil behind the wheel of a car. I remember going to high-school carrying a Dukes of Hazzard ledger, graced with wonderful pictures of Daisy (Catherine Bach) and her hypnotically short denim shorts.

Yes, for the teenager I then was, Daisy Duke had the most gorgeous legs in the entire world! And since then, her legs have inhabited my memory as such. They were long as ideal female legs should be, shining under the sheer hose she seemed to perpetually wear. And the show knew it, displaying them openly as the eye-catching treasures they were (both getting her in trouble and out of it... along with the viewers out of our minds).

Strangely, Daisy never stroke me as a breasty girl. All that leg, climbing all the way to that shapely buttocks of her, dominated my mind for the years since I've last seen the show in 1985.

Yesterday I was watching the first episode of the first season of the cult TV Series (The One-Armed Bandit, 1979), and the revelation was breathtaking, as the screencap above can well attest.

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